How to create a Slack board to improve your team’s communication and increase efficiency

We’re sure you’ve heard of the dynamic digital workspace Slack.

Organizations and shared-interest groups have flocked to the service since it was founded August 2013. Its robust interface allows teams to stay in touch and increase efficiency.

If you haven’t, we want to help. Ready to get started? Follow our easy-to-read tutorial to begin your Slack experience now…

1. Head over to Slack’s official website. Since you’re new to Slack, click, “Get Started” to begin an easy walk-through.

2. Slack will ask if you want to join an existing workspace or create a new one. Since we are creating our own, we will select “Create a new workspace.”

3. Slack requires an email address be associated with your account in order to create a workspace — use the one you’ll always remember the password for so you never lose access to your Slack board!

4. Slack grants you the option to input both your full name and display name — for those that want to rock their favorite nickname in your workspace (We see you, Big Dog!)

5. Slack’s password requirements are fairly typical. Remember to always keep track of your passwords so you can easily access your workspace.

6. Are you using Slack for your business? An organization? As a way to document a concert? Select what you will use your board for and how many people you expect to join the party. You can always adjust your preferences if they change — no pressure!

7. You are granted the opportunity to name your group anything you’d like. Let your creativity shine!

8. Select the URL that you will be able to access your Slack channel from. If your group name is already taken, Slack will suggest alternatives or you may pick a custom name unrelated to your group.

9. Review and agree to Slack’s terms of use (Everybody reads them — we know.)

10. If you want other people to join your workspace, you may add their email addresses to invite them to your channel. Otherwise, you can wait to add people or use your workspace to keep for yourself.

11. Click-through Slack’s awesome tutorial — it’ll show you how to use all of the functions of your board.

12. Your Slack board is ready to go! Start documenting everything you need to and learn how valuable Slack is to your organization.