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Quadrant Assets already verified by EtherAddressLookup.
This is about to: “How to stay safe when investing in ICO Projects”

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After only recently concluding Quadrant Assets 1st Airdrop we are happy to say it was a great success.(

The distribution was made fast and at the same time we were amazed at the speed with which one of you enrolled to receive the free tokens. The total QDA free tokens was distributed in 8 hours(120.670 tokens).We hope to bring more benefits in round two and final round to all investors who have already formed a vision of Quadrant Assets.


We are confident with the current community and future members will greatly benefit from these aidrops and this project. We have a big surprise for our community. We will share it after 10 July.

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1st Airdrop has been distributed to all of the first 70 participants!

120 670 QDA distributed!


Get qualified for the second round of Airdrop:

1st Airdrop transactions:


Quadrant Assets

Open BlockChain Ecosystem for more effective interaction with the ICO with funds, investors, experts, and traders.

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