Announcing Quaestor’s seed round and design partners

Quaestor Technologies
Jul 7 · 3 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that Quaestor has raised a $5.8M seed round led by 8VC with participation from Spark Capital, Abstract Ventures, Riot Ventures, Fathom Ventures, and GFC, along with a number of angel investors.

Quaestor was born from a simple question: why is it so difficult for startups and investors to collaborate around financial data and business metrics? VCs invest in the most technologically sophisticated companies in the world while managing their own portfolios in spreadsheets and crusty legacy software. There are few standards for how startup data is shared, analyzed, and discussed, and the process is manual, sucking time and resources from both sides. No founder gets value out of filling out Excel templates and emailing data to their investors.

We see a better way, and an opportunity for an automated data platform to emerge for this industry. We started Quaestor to help the startup ecosystem build faster, and we’re working with leading CEOs and investors to create new standards of governance and transparency that enable deeper collaboration.

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Our name has some history: quaestors were the treasurers of Ancient Rome. Quaestor Aesillas was a Roman quaestor stationed in Macedonia in the first century BC who minted silver coins like the ones shown above. Photo from

Our team has a passion both for building products for the private markets and for investing in them. The idea for Quaestor was born at 8VC, where three of our co-founders — Kevin Hsu, Deny Khoung, and Joe Lonsdale — began working together on an initial proof-of-concept alongside Alex Moore and the rest of the partnership. Kevin had been an early employee and PM at Carta before joining 8VC as an EIR, and Deny helped to spin out and advise a number of portfolio companies, including Affinity, as the firm’s Director of Design. Joe, a GP at 8VC and a co-founder of Palantir and Addepar, has spent his career building data-driven platforms to make industries work better. John Melas-Kyriazi joined Quaestor as co-founder and CEO after five years as a VC at Spark Capital, and he continues to serve on a number of boards on behalf of the firm. We’re building a product both for investors and for entrepreneurs, and we think it’s critical that our users are represented on our team.

We’re lucky to be working with a forward-thinking group of VCs. Each of the six firms that invested in Quaestor is using our product and acting as a design partner for us as we work to build the future of financial collaboration for the private markets.

We’re also fortunate to have an amazing set of advisors and angel investors working with us, including Eugene Marinelli, Christina Sass, Fareed Mosavat, Charles Li, Ray Zhou, Jon Scherr, Cameron Teitelman, Vic Chiang, Kane Hsieh, Nimit Jain, and Vibhav Altekar. This group of founders and builders have scaled companies like Slack, Plaid, Anduril, Instacart, Addepar, Blend, and Andela (to name a few), and we’re proud to have them on our team.

We’ll share more about our plans for Quaestor over time. For now, please visit our website for more information and feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more. And we’re hiring!

You can read more about our funding announcement in TechCrunch.

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