Menstruating during New Moon Cycle

Are you aware of the connection between feminine energies and cycles to the moon’s energy and cycles?

The New Moon phase

My menstrual cycle has started the same time the New Moon cycle phase has come around.

What does that mean?

Well, month after month the moon cycle mirrors a woman’s menstrual cycle, which coincidently has an average length of 29.5 days as does an average moon cycle. And similar to the moon cycle, a woman’s menstrual cycle changes from the menstruation of new growth, to the ovulation of full power and blossom, to the pre-menstrual phase of harvest and degeneration, and back to menstruation of renewal again. All life forms have cycles of birth, growth, death, and renewal that are mirrored in the progressive phases of the moon cycle. I think a better understanding of the moon cycle and its rhythms and energetic influences can help us better appreciate the rhythmic dance of our own menstrual cycles, to be in harmony with it rather than to be at odd with it.

Since my cycle starts on the new moon, that signifies the dark and mysterious power of the deep of the new moon. Existing structures have fulfilled their purposes, and need to be destructed, or reconstructed to make room for the new. The energy of new moon bleeding is inwards, self-nourishing. During this time, anxieties, memories, and experiences may rise up, eager to be dealt with. It’s a good time to take stock, and to draw conclusions from them. New moon menstruation is a strong time of healing and renewal. The goddess of this time is Hecate, the woman at the joining of three roads, the guardian of mysteries and knowledge, the reaper, the dark one, the crone.

What’s the moon phase of your menstruation? Does this information resonate with you? I hope it’ll help you gain a better understanding of your own menstrual cycle and its rhythms, and develop a more harmonious relationship with it. Cycle Harmony™

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