What I ought to do
Is sometimes forgotten
Who I ought to be
Is sometimes lost within
How I ought to grow
Is left up to my stream
Why I ought to change
Is only left up to me

I chose to evolve
Let the natural course run
I don't choose to dissolve
'Cause I see the Horizon,
behind me is done
Forever rising
Never compromising
What I want is a partnership
Are you equipped to handle this?

Take me as I am
But I will not stay like this
I have told myself
I am destined for greatness
Are you on my ship?
Flowing with the wind
Where's your soul ticket?
Just look within
That's the price of entry
On this boat of mine
Ambitions, goals, incentives
That's what I find divine
I see that in you now
Will you hold on to them?
Don't you ever falter
I see that as a sin

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