Finding Myself Again: Two Writing Opportunities

Opportunity One: The Novel Contest

My Partner told me about a writing contest — write a novel in 30 days with 50,000 words! What a challenge for me since I am not even consistent with my own media websites. However, there is no shortage of content ideas in my crazy creative head. I already have 2 topics I would like to write about.

Opportunity Two: Viewership of over 3 Million

Now Loading game news & reviews outlet was promoting their writing gig via a Facebook ad where we could contribute our articles and reviews to their website. Its strictly volunteer contributing, but the benefits are outstanding — we get to be seen by over 3 million readers!

The last I contributed to another’s gaming website was 2-3 years ago, however, I have contributed to 3 podcasts in that time span and enjoyed every minute of it.

I feel that I should flex my wings and really get my work seen. I recognize my passion again and want to be free once again.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts about my dilemma. Should I take Opp No1 or Opp No2 or both?

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