Trump’s Great Wall of Mexico

by Poncho M. Sanchez

Alleged to be Albert Einstein’s Mexican cousin and Cartel CEO featured in the criminal satire novella Outsourced to Lucifer, below is my interview with The Donald about his Great Wall of Mexico:

Yea, so, um, The Poncho was like hanging drinking tequilas with The Donald at Koi, the restaurant in downtown New York hotel, and it was pretty far out, cause The Poncho had never been in that place before, and I kind of stuck out cause I was wearing my bullets over my shoulders and still had my pistols with me. Is that why those gringo ladies was looking at me? Or was it because I am, like, so fucking George Clooney gorgeous?

And then, all of a sudden, I got a text from Quality Filth, and they was like, “dude, ask him these questions about the wall, and see what he says, but don’t be like a dick about it.” Why they think Poncho going to be a dick? Was in no mood to ask no questions, cause I just took a nice hit from my inhaler, and had a nice buzz, was checking out all of the nice chick flowers, and I think The Donald had a good buzz going too, cause his eyes was smaller than a thread, and his hair was kind of like deflated, like an basketball that got no air, not like he usually has it, all spritzed hair net and shit. But, whatever, I asked away:

PS: So, dude, you like won the fucking Republican Nomination, huh?

TD: What did you expect?

I shrugged my shoulders cause I don’t care too much about no gringo elections. I live in the mountains in Mexico, on the beaches of Greece, and nothing there bothers me none. But I trying to do, like, my job and shit.

PS: Don’t know, thought Cruz was going to upset you, you know, cause he is all like a senator and stuff.

TD: Poncho, does this hair look like it loses?

I stared at his old lady like hair which looking like it been taking a nap, not sticking up straight like he usually have it, a glamorous comb over. Why doesn’t he shave it off like Bruce Willis? Or like Lex Luthor in Super Man II?

PS: Shit, I guess you right, Donald, that hair looks the Hair Net spider web hair my grandma used to have, like a fucking helmet that birds, bees, flies, and a bunch of shit think they going to fly through it, only to get trapped.

I used to wonder, when I was a kid, if she fed them insects to her dog, Betty.

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