Antifreeze and coolant: Best way to improve the performance of engine’s cooling system

Cooling system plays an important role in the well-functioning of your vehicle’s engine. And when it comes to keep the cooling system in good condition, nothing can do better than antifreeze or coolant. This way, your ride will be more reliable and your vehicle will not ditch you even in colder climates. Coolant is necessary to prevent freezing of your car’s engine in low temperatures and from overheating in high temperatures.

Using water instead of antifreeze: The biggest mistake ever

Some people use water instead of coolant to cool the engine. Never pour pure water in your cooling system as it can affect the metal parts of your engine. If water pump, radiator, heating system and other important parts of the engine will get in regular contact with normal water, it will increase the risk of corrosion.

Concentrated coolant: The rescuer of your engine

Antifreeze is mostly used in every liquid-cooled engine and this is one of the most common systems used in every new petrol or diesel-powered car. Coolant is a fluid that is made by adding antifreeze to distilled water. Don’t use tap water as it is often impure or contaminated.

This coolant helps in keeping engine parts cool and saves them from overheating. For proper and effective functioning of the cooling system, you must pump the coolant around the engine with the help of a water pump.

How the coolant works?

When the coolant is pumped around the engine, it absorbs heat while passing through the hotter parts of the engine. After cooling down the temperature of engine, cold air that comes through the radiator maintains the temperature of the engine.

When antifreeze is mixed with coolant, it reduces the risk of engine freezing by increasing its boiling point. While mixing antifreeze into the coolant, make sure you are adding right amount of antifreeze to it. One can not ignore the importance of coolant or antifreeze in the well-functioning of the cooling system and engine too.

What if you still find some issues with your car’s engine?

Sometimes, even after so much of care and precautions your car may ditch you in the mid of journey. Your car’s engine can struggle with one or two common problems, but what will you do if the engine fails altogether? There are many options to get rid of your malfunctioned engine and the most effective one is used engine.

Where to find the best quality used engines?

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Here are some reviews of their happy customers

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