Building wealth is hard, most of us have formed habits over time that work against a long term goal like wealth building.

Picture this: It’s Thursday evening, you’re tired, you’re wandering the supermarket aisles trying to decide on dinner. You’re drawing a blank, you can’t even remember what you know how to cook. You head home empty handed, and order take away.

I’ve done this, you’ve probably done this. Hell, I’ve skipped the entire trip to the supermarket and gone straight to ordering food online.

Eating out is expensive, it’s hard to justify when it’s not with friends or family. My wife and I added up all the money we were spending on take away and eating out for just the two…

An adventure in application architecture 

This article is a long form version of a talk I gave at the Melbourne Ruby Group on June 25th 2014.

I was sitting in my arm chair reading one night, when I came came accross this quote:

“The benefits the frameworks offer also come with inherent costs.”
- Dmitri Sotnikov

It made me think about the tools that I use daily, about Ruby on Rails, and the way in which it dominates the architecture of nearly everything built in it.

Every developer I have worked with on a Rails project has made a technical decision and justified it…

A beginners guide

This post is based on a lightning talk I gave at the Melbourne Ruby Group’s Newbie Night on August 29th 2013.

Security is a very broad topic, so a lightning talk can’t even begin to scratch the surface. The three things you need to know are:

  1. People fuck it up all the time.
  2. You will too.
  3. Hopefully you don’t make the news.

You should know where to look in order to protect yourself.

Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security — source

Know Your Tools

Ruby on Rails is a tool, one that you will rely heavily on to make you efficient and keep you secure. …

Gareth Townsend

I ride bikes. I write code. I design experiences.

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