Redesign of ActiveSG website

So this time I got to randomly draw a website and redesign it based on the client brief. For this project, I also had to build a mobile responsive website which I had already equipped with the skill using Axure. On that fateful day, I have chosen ActiveSG as my project 4 assignment.

Our brief clearly stated that my aim was to

  1. Make the booking process easier for users
  2. Make the contents on ActiveSG easier for users to find and consume
  3. Increase user engagement with ActiveSG activities and website.

This assignment was especially challenging compared to the previous assignments because the website was quite extensive and never did I know that there were actually 3 different kind of booking systems to tackle!

Of cause, I started off with my project timeline first but in the end I did not able to keep up with it and faced some difficulties

As usual, I started off with heuristic evaluations. There were a few major problems as listed below.

Information overload at homepage
User not aware of logged in
Users unable to view time slot if not logged in

Concurrently while doing all the heuristic and competitive analysis, I also interviewed some of my friends and did usability testing with them. Most of them commented that the booking process was too tedious due to many unnecessary search pages and unavailable slot. They were also unable to see time slots if they were not logged in. There wasn’t any message asking them to log in but instead they are shown with empty slot which is very misleading. This will actually affect the conversion of facilities booking greatly. A task was given to them to book badminton court near their house any time of next week. The average time on task was 5mins23secs and average SUS score awarded by 5 interviewees was 41. This score was actually below 50 and deemed as hard for them to use the website.

I also did affinity mapping base on the information I gathered from our users.

Affinity Mapping

I came up with the i-statements

  1. I want a quick and clear booking process
  2. I would like it to be easier to evaluate my options
  3. I care about my health and fitness
  4. I like keeping fit

I then came up with 2 personas. Joan being a one time ActiveSG user who played badminton and Chris being a frequent ActiveSG mobile app user who goes to the gym and book badminton court once in awhile

I then came up with Joan’s Customer Journey Mapping as we want to focus on her. The reason that I focus on her was because most users booked facilities through the website where else for gym, users normally used the app or IC to buy tickets. I would want to tackle problems that are existing in the website first.

Joan’s CJM

We can see that the frustration came when Joan was using the booking system. She was also unable to make any changes to her booking as this was the current system of ActiveSG. Using the opportunities , I came up with the features, followed by feature prioritization matrix base on business goals and user goals.

Business goals:

  1. To improve viewership in ActiveSG articles
  2. To promote healthy lifestyle among Singaporean

User goals:

  1. To have a fast and clear booking process
  2. To view articles of their liking
Features Prioritization Matrix

As this is a pitch, I actually come up with marketing campaign for ActiveSG as well. To further drive the community, I introduced a steps counter which the UI can be implemented into our user login page. Users were able to view their full report from their user dashboard. With this, users were encouraged to visit the website more often and it may create more viewership into the website. Also, with Instagram posts #ActiveSG implemented into the website, users will know what was happening in the campaigns. Posts from participants would have far more impact than the posts by the organization itself because users would tend to believe that the expressions were more genuine. This would intrigue them to find out more about the campaigns and explore it in the website itself. Articles were also curated for users to ease them from finding articles of their interest. Let us wait no more and view the prototype itself!


Redesign Homepage
Redesign User Dashboard
Curated Articles Section

Results & Validation

The time on task for booking of badminton court was decreased from 5mins 23secs to 1mins 47secs while the SUS had increased to 81. These results improved tremendously and had proven that the redesign website is actually more usable than the original website.

Next Step

  • Further research and analysis on gym facilities booking
  • Further research and analysis on class booking
  • Ideation of further increase user engagement
  • Revisit and measure the effectiveness of our proposed solution