Recollection of the Vietnam War’s 1975 to 2016

The American justice is performed by the clear conscience of the high leaders of the United States of America. So, we the American citizens, are happy in peace.
 If the American government seems to respect International convention of Human Rights, the Southern soldiers of Republic of Vietnam who would not be death, not imprisoned and not wound because in the yard of played Human Rights was not equal when a super America has betrayed the weak country. In contrast, a super America has been playing war game when it had left its allied troop on the battlefield of the Vietnam War. Then, super America should be compensated to the imprisoned benefit insurance, which was equal to play war game, For the American government has been playing game of the wars for the long run, but the America has never wished any wins and swallowed by its task of in the war game.
 Finally, the Human Rights of the American government was provided by the Vietnam War because former Secret of States of the America who is Kissinger to has declared and said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves” after he had sold off the South Vietnam to communism in order to protect core of interests of the American government, he had trampled down to Army of Republic of Vietnam That is Human Rights of the American government has respected the International Convention and Paris Peace Treaty in 1973. To compare, for the former Southern soldiers of Republic of Vietnam were poor and sorrow when they were betrayed by the their super America, the American troops are rich when they received more benefits of the Vietnam War.
 Redwood City,
 April 1975 — April 2016
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 “The country would care if South Vietnam became Communist in a matter of six months. They will not give a damn if it’s two years.” President Richard M. Nixon, March 17, 1973. “
 According to the Kissinger is earlier also similar views about buying time to flee without being humiliated when he is saying:
 “ We’ve got to find some formula that holds the thing together a year or two, after which — after a year, Mr. President, Vietnam will be a backwater. If we settle it, say, this October, by January ’74 no one will give a damn.” National Security Adviser Henry A. Kissinger, August 1972.”