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VR (Virtual Reality) technology is gaining greater and greater popularity.
More and more headsets are launching at reasonable prices (just look at Oculus, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR).

What makes people most excited about VR is the promise of new, visceral experiences. You can live in a fantasy world detached from real life. The ultimate goal of VR technologies is to shrink the experiential difference between the virtual and the real. That might sound crazy, and a little bit scary, but we can’t deny that it’s exciting.

However, to reach the ultimate goal, we’ve got our work cut out…

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Dear developers around the world,
What would you build if you could control scent?

At Aromajoin, we are hosting an online Hackathon in which everyone can submit a proposal, then receive a device to build your idea and live stream demo your solution to win a prize worth ~$2300.

The process is scheduled as follows.

1. Submit a proposal by May 24th (see website
2. 6 proposals will be selected for development on May 28th⁠⠀
3. Receive devices to build your proposal⁠
4. Livestream on June 19th!⁠⠀

If you are interested in this hackathon, I am really happy to clear your concerns and support you.


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GitHub has just announced a happy news today for us, developers.
Teams on GitHub can create unlimited private repositories for free.”

So, here are their newest updates on the free package.

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Screenshot was taken on April 15th, 2020. Source (

These changes are so competitive to other code hosting services like Bitbucket or GitLab. Many teams are going to relocate their projects to GitHub as I think.

If you share the same idea and look for a simple way to migrate a repo from Bitbucket or GitLab, the followings are several simple steps to accomplish this.

  1. Inside your GitHub team page…

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I understand that most of my friends on Medium are software engineers like who I am. So, I am sorry if you don’t like something different from that topic.

I have been interested in design, mostly UI design even before starting app development. Recently, I have an idea that I would create my first animation video in my life based on our company, Aromajoin, logo.

So, I learned Adobe AfterEffects which our company gave me access to its pro version. After one week, this 20-second animation was created. …

As a software engineer, writing helps me a lot to keep notes, summarize and organize what I have learnt and done so far. Writing that I mentioned here is not the activity of coding to build software but the activity of expressing and sharing information in human languages.

I always keep taking notes privately, and you might do that too. This year, however, I spent many hours to write blogs about technical stuffs mostly related to mobile development and published them either on Medium or my personal website. …

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Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

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Java Reflection and Annotation Processing are two common techniques that some of your daily-use libraries utilizes to bring great or ‘magic’ features. JUnit, Project Lombok, ButterKnife, Dagger, Retrofit, and recently announced Room are just a few of them. If you want to dig deeply into any of your favorite libraries, understanding about Java reflection and annotation processing is a must-have.

There are many articles out there describing about two techniques generally and giving really useful examples along to wrap our head into these advanced API in Java.

In this post, they are…

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Before jumping into technical stuff, I would like to share our story.

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We planned to build a world-class manga(漫画) studio. Our software team firstly created a manga module that serves as a primary library and it is written purely in Java.

After that, we utilize it to produce concrete mangas. Our first masterpiece is Doraemon , and our partners would like to integrate it into their Android apps. So, we developed Android doraemon module which extends manga features.

After hard working hours, our products were ready to be delivered to our partners…

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Writing always is one of my favorites, it helps me to reorganize information and save it somewhere else outside of my brain. I found it really relaxing, additionally.

A month has passed from my last post about MVP and Android new architecture. Today, I am just going to jot down a small thing about unit testings in which RxJava involves.


If you have a good habit of writing tests whenever adding new features, you are actually confident about your clean and robust codes. If not yet, let’s build that habit from now…

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We had been developing Android apps for a long time without any official architecture guidelines. It created challenges for us to build robust apps. Thanks to Android active community, however, great developers out there gave us directions to follow several good architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM, and Clean Architecture).

Recently, as introduced in IO 2017, new Architecture Components is a nice move of Google Android team. …

Quang Nguyen

Software engineer and designer, currently building digital scent technology at Latest side project

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