Working with an agile team remotely

Quang Tran
Nov 10, 2017 · 3 min read

In this article, I would like to share the tools and practices I use with my remote agile team.

In normal agile projects, people rely heavily on physical communication and materials to organize tasks and share ideas. For remote agile projects, we have to communicate exclusively through digital alternatives.

Remote collaboration comes with its own challenges

Centralize code on a software forge

A screenshot of Gitlab

Plan with an online collaborative spreadsheet

An example of product backlog. Source :

Visualize better with mockups

A screenshot of Moqups

Make the most of communications tools

For asynchronous communication, we have Mattermost, an open source alternative to Slack. It’s an enterprise-grade communication messaging tool very popular among developers. We use it to ask and answer specific questions missed in the meetings. Features such as group messaging, pinned posts, reply threads allow to follow up better the conversation.

A screenshot of Mattermost


  • Application business with mockups and video demos
  • Project planning and monitoring through spreadsheets
  • Software development and testing using a code repository

This will enable to have quality meeting time for reviewing, discussing and deciding the coming actions in a remote team. Finally, chat helps cover the remaining use cases.

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