America on a Train

Quan Huynh
Jan 16, 2017 · 12 min read
Starting in Berkeley, I traveled counter-clockwise through the south to home then back around through the north.

Segment 1: Emeryville-Los Angeles

Duration: 12 hours

Train: Coast Starlight

Photo by Ben Cooper

Segment 2: Los Angeles-New Orleans

Duration: 46 hours

Train: Sunset Limited

Segment 3: New Orleans-Alexandria

Duration: 25 hours

Train: Crescent

Segment 4: Alexandria — New York City

Duration: 4 hours

Train: Northeast Regional

Segment 5: New York City — Chicago

Duration: 18 hours

Train: Lakeshore Limited

Photo by Craig Sanders

Segment 6: Chicago — Whitefish

Duration: 32 hours

Train: Empire Builder

Segment 7: Whitefish — Seattle

Duration: 13 hours

Train: Empire Builder

Segment 8: Seattle — Emeryville

Duration: 24 hours

Train: Coast Starlight

Photo by Jake Miille

Conclusion (?)

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