Æsop and Mommy Chronicles…
So this past week was a challenging one as I’m still navigating the world of mommyhood, 2.0. In my sixteen year hiatus of having an infant, I’ve also forgotten what a worrisome and trying time it is to take care of a sick baby.
I saw the cold coming on. First it was the few sneezes then came the runny watery eyes, along with a runny nose and then the cough. Oh the cough Æsop had to go through hurt my heart! Night time was the worst and I was feeling like he was a newborn again with the lack of sleep I was getting.
So after day three of virtually no sleep and a cranky baby I get him to his pediatrician and of course all is well but you know I’m a new mom again and everything is a panic. It’s not like the teenager I have; which I have no problem telling him unless a limb is hanging from its socket or you’re on fire we don’t go to the E.R. Suck it up buddy you’ll live. Can’t do that with Æsop, yet…@
I’m sure there will be more sick times to get through and more sleepless nights but now that the first time is out of the way I know this for sure, we gon’ make it!
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