The Æsop and mommy chronicles
Ok, help me out. What is it with the numerous amounts of sippy cup choices?
I mean I just want a cup that Æsop can drink out of that doesn’t leak! Is that so hard?
I go to the store and I’m overwhelmed with choices. Did I pick the right style, is the color boy friendly, will he learn how to sip? He’s older than +7 and +9 but I can choose the 12+ what is the difference.
Then once I’ve. finally decided on one that has all the specifications I need, I get home open the package and it has instructions!!! Seriously?! I mean this sippy cup has the option for interchangeable lids. One for mealtime, one for snack time then there’s the on the go lid and one for sitting in the car seat another one for playtime at the park… (I kid you not) so on and so forth.
Look I just want him to be able to drink without it being a big ordeal. I’ve got bigger decisions to make in this life.
While I’ll admit, it seems silly for a cup to have sooo many options, I suppose having options or better yet being adaptable in life is the key.
We must be interchangeable so-to-speak if we are to navigate through the many changes we experience in our lifetime.
Yes, I am finding the lesson in everything I do lately, even something as mundane as choosing a cup for my little boy to drink out of.
I wish the same for you as well! Until next time my friends, Peace!
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