The Æsop and Mommy Chronicles…
Have I shared with you how tiring having a toddler is? I do not remember this part at all. I mean why would I? My oldest is seventeen! Our summer has been a whirlwind of exciting changes and discoveries for this nine month old!
Æsop is crawling and not that new timid crawl he will run-crawl from you in a minute. He will have something anything in his mouth so I’m constantly doing the one finger check or trying to pry his mouth open. Changing time is a sweat-a-thon! This youngin will twist every which way! I’m lucky to get the diaper on and not peed on in the process. He can now stand in his pack and play so I’ve become real stealth like at not moving in my bed if I want a few moments to myself before I start our day. I have a mover and a shaker folks and he’s excited to be able to explore his world.
Æsop claps to “Patty cake” he’s grown in two bottom front teeth, he’s getting a taste of “real food” and he will ask you in his way of talking to give him some. He has his radar on when anyone is eating. He is saying “da da da” and “ba ba ba” and “gu gu gu” he even growls lovingly at you!
So as our summer comes to an end and the school year starts for my oldest, his last year of high school, by the way. I will be starting my second semester later this month. The next changes along this journey, besides fall, will be celebrating Æsop’s first year of life! 😮 I know the next story I share with you, he surely be walking and talking real words! Until next time my friends, enjoy whatever season of life you’re in!
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