Message to the world

I wish every eye in this world sees this message, it’s my desire every ear will hear this message most importantly I pray this message sinks deep into every heart. We have ruined everything in this world in search for comfort, money and the good life. We have killed humans out of greed. We’ve done nothing good but cause more harm.

Where are we going? We set goals and plans for ourselves, we set daily targets, we aspire for greatness putting ourselves first, I believe only a few puts the world first. Why don’t we add; “make the world a better place” to our goals that need achieving. Corruption and thirst for power have ruined many lives. The search for social status have ruined our environments.

The sad part is people only regret what they’ve done on their death beds, it’s funny at that point what good can that do. We have to change now, we can all start the change process from home. Making the world a better place requires collective effort. Each and everyone should start now, I can’t tell you which areas of your life needs work. Ask yourself what am I doing that affects the world, you can start from there.

We are much more interested in manufacturing weapons to go to war than creating systems that will change lives for the better. We spend billions researching outer space whiles knowing little of where we reside(earth). I think we should make our home better before we go looking for another home, what if we ruin our home in search of another and later realize there’s no where else to go but just earth, that realization will be catastrophic-there’s no place like home.