INATBA Official Launch and Declaration placed on multiple blockchains using Overledger

Apr 3, 2019 · 3 min read

3rd April 2019 — Brussels, Belgium

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Today marks the official launch of the European Commission-supported International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications — INATBA (

105 organisations representing the full distributed ledger technology (DLT) ecosystem, today announced their commitment to a new platform, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications. Launched with a ceremonial digital signing at the European Commission headquarters, INATBA will promote the use of blockchain technology by developing a predictable, transparent and trust-based global framework.

We’re pleased to be a supporter and founding member together with 105 other organisations ranging from Government, academia, startups and corporates.

The Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel gave a keynote speech covering Europe’s commitment to Blockchain and DLT and the support for INATBA.

“We are thrilled to see that over 100 companies and organizations have partnered together to help develop the framework for distributed ledger technologies in Europe,” said Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

​“It clearly signifies that blockchain technology will be a driving force for our economy in the coming years, and through INATBA we will be able to foster an environment that encourages the application of the technology across the EU member states.”

The INATBA Declaration was hashed by the Commissioner: (SHA3–256) ED5F6D40079109D5DAAC9C760825E9D1203F09C08CC988A8D02431C3B68C24B2

Using Overledger, with a single transaction we have written the INATBA hash on to Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin.

You can search for the INATBA hashes using Quant’s Multichain Search

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You can search for the signed hash across our following blockchains:

Ethereum: 0x2058eb896b881216733af34dba84b47b6b8a2e1078e22a93ca410a7b7f154071

Ripple: 5769CFE9F7F76E3F7128BAAE886D7D23195D7263996871C4A7DF9C86435A662C

Bitcoin: 20dfdbe95cf70578a66cecc5ad43823b1d41ccaac4e4e6f83ba03405db3d66b3

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We’re also planning some further updates to simplify searches so you can find all the different blockchain hashes with a single mAppID across interoperable private permissioned and public permissionless blockchains instead of individual hashes for each blockchain. Bridging and interoperating private and public blockchains seamlessly through Overledger.

The objectives for INATBA are:

  1. Promote an open, transparent and inclusive global model of governance for blockchain and other distributed ledger technology infrastructures and applications. A model that reflects the shared interests of stakeholders from industry, start-ups and SMEs, civil society organisations, governments and international organisations.
  2. Support the development and adoption of interoperability guidelines, specifications and global standards, to enhance trusted, traceable, user-centric digital services. Upholding an open, transparent and inclusive method of multi-stakeholder cooperation.
  3. Develop sector-specific guidelines and specifications for the development and acceleration of trusted sectorial blockchain and DLT applications in specific sectors (i.e. financial services, health, supply chain, energy and financial inclusion).

About Quant Network

Founded in 2015 and located in London and Zug, Quant Network is a pioneering technology company combining cybersecurity, industry and government experience to develop advanced technologies enabling trusted interactions between companies and their customers. Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system harness the power of multiple blockchains by interconnecting the world’s networks to unlock business value. Quant Network is laying the foundations for the next Internet: The Internet of Trust.

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