It takes the most experienced Enterprise Blockchain team in the World to create Overledger

Delivering technology solutions is difficult. We know from first-hand experience what it takes to deliver multi-million dollar enterprise and transformation projects for Governments and Enterprise.

You need to think strategically to enable business change, transformation, enterprise efficiencies and provide competitive advantage whilst increasing the bottom line.

You need to be results oriented with a consistent track record of delivering, envisioning and leading technology based, multi-million revenue and growth initiatives within Financial Services, Governments and Global Enterprises.

You need a strong track record and reputation for getting things done, drawing upon your experience and background, to get down into the detail of challenges to quickly resolve and move on.

You need to be on the cutting edge, living at the intersection of Business, Innovation and Technology. Blending technical expertise and business know-how, to solve complex challenges faced by businesses and Governments around the world.

If successful, you’ll deliver multi-million dollar transformation programmes that fundamentally change how an organisation operates and delivers to their clients and citizens.

Our founding team have been doing it for over 20 years working in the world’s largest companies and Governments.

Blockchain startups need to understand how enterprises and Government work in order to succeed. You need to have a reputable background and company, the first hurdle is to spark their interest in order to meet you in the first place, followed by being accepted and onboarded in line with procurement policies as a vendor. Then you need to be able to clearly demonstrate the value of your product and technology and how it can solve the organisation’s challenges. This can then lead to actually demonstrating your value with a proof on concept. If it all goes well, you then come to commercial negotiations and solution implementation. This on its own is a mammoth task, to understand how a new technology can be integrated to slot into the existing architecture and processes.

Enterprises are very complex and they take time and experience to navigate.

Quant is ready and experienced to solve these problems for Enterprise and Government. Our team have worked at the largest organisations in the world and know what it takes to deliver. We’ve worked in Private sector at HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Vocalink Mastercard, Nationwide, EY, PwC, BT, CSC, BP, LSE and Public sector at Downing St, Cabinet Office, NHS, HM Treasury, Deutsche Bundesbank, European Parliament, Federal Reserve, QCDA, UCL, ETH Zurich, Ministry of Justice, Department of Health.

We’re here to solve the Enterprise and Government challenge and look forward to foster blockchain innovation and adoption.

Gilbert Verdian — CEO

Gilbert is a technologist with an upbringing in business and a deep background in technology and security.

Having over 20 years of industry experience he has worked across Government in Downing St, HM Treasury, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and NSW Health and private sector at CSC, EY, HSBC and BP.

Having a keen interest in disruptive technology, he’s the founder of the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 and is the Chair of the UK’s national committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT/1).

He’s actively working to advance technology in the areas of AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and FinTech.

Paolo Tasca — Chief Strategist

Paolo Tasca is a Digital Economist, an expert on digital innovation with salient expertise on Blockchain technologies and Complex Systems.

We stand on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution, which will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. New technologies are dramatically transforming our economic systems, and our society in general, into something very different from what we were used to thinking about over the last few decades.

Colin Paterson — CTO

Colin is a technology innovator with a background in Information, Cybersecurity and AI.

He calls on his years of cross sector experience in; Health, Defence, Finance and Utilities combined with his passion for new and emergent technologies to solve real world problems.

Working to democratise blockchain development he is seeking along with the other founders of Quant to help developers unchain the full potential of ledger technologies.