Meet our COO/CFO

Steve Jobs was once quoted as having said, “hire smart people and let them tell you what to do”. We at Quant Network have heeded that great advice in appointing our talented and experienced COO/CFO Gerald Dunn. Gerald joins Quant with over 20 years international experience in consulting with firms such as Deloitte and Anderson advising diverse enterprise clients across a variety of sectors including Disney, T-mobile and DHL. Gerald is also a Chartered Accountant and received his MBA from Warwick Business School.

COO/CFO — what exactly does your role entail?

As COO/CFO my recent focus has been on building our business infrastructure and making sure we have all the right elements in place to operate as an effective start-up but that we are also thinking about how Quant will scale and evolve. We’ve agreed on our mission, vision and values, we’re up and running with systems for Finance, HR and CRM and we’re now starting to settle into a regular operational cadence of planning and executing. You could say I am the ‘water-carrier’ for our talented devs and techies — they’re the rock stars! Once we get business operations up and running then I will get busier in the market talking to people in Enterprise Technology — we need to stay close to how organisations want to use distributed ledger technology and how we can provide them with the platform and tools to be able to do this most effectively.

You have extensive and impressive experience — what do you think are your biggest strengths that will be an asset to Quant Network?

I am somewhat a ‘jack of all trades’ so I feel well equipped to cover many of the different activities we need to tackle as we get the business established. I am very fortunate to have been part of other successful start-ups and I’ve seen the results you can achieve by getting the organisational culture right so I am passionate about Quant being able to do the same. We do this through a combination of the right leadership, smart recruitment, living our values and giving people the chance to express themselves. On a personal level one of my strengths is being calm under pressure — one of our core values at Quant is ‘Unflappableness’ and I hope I bring a decent dollop of that to the team.

Why are you excited about being a part of the Quant Network team?

While our team is still small it is also rather eclectic and diverse and it is really exciting to see everyone pulling in the same direction to create something we believe in and something that will do a power of good. I particularly enjoy working with smart people whose brains are continually sparking with new ideas and new opportunities. If we can deliver on just half the things we dream up each week then we’ll be outstandingly successful. I’m really looking forward to playing my part in making that happen.

Why did you make the decision to join the Quant Network team?

I’ve spent many years working in Enterprise Technology and with CIOs — much of that experience has been helping navigate the next wave of change — be that ERP, internet, cloud or digital. The next wave is coming and that is Distributed Ledger Technology and the more I learn about it the more I see opportunities to address some of the duplication, friction and complexity we have in business and in life. DLT is much more than ‘crypto’ although that genie is out of the bottle and will not be going away, but the answer is also not to just ‘blockchain’ something for the sake of it — we need to rethink how we conceive, design and build many of our enterprise applications. These are incredibly interesting and exciting times and I’m loving working with a bunch of smart people right in the midst of it.