Quant Network exclusive partner to China’s blockchain research hub for China Ministry of Commerce

  • Quant Network and the JBI have signed a MoU for a five-year cooperation.
  • Overledger is the only platform to facilitate internet-scale development and deployment of decentralised, multi-chain applications (MApps) and Treaty Contracts (multi-chain smart contracts)
  • Quant Network’s Token Sale ends 30 April.

Quant Network announce exclusive partnership with Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Insitute (JBI) the first state-owned research hub dedicated to exploring blockchain technology for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

In the China Government’s 2020 plan, one of the five key focus areas is — “innovation” with a view to “ move up in the value chain by abandoning old heavy industry and building up bases of modern formation-intensive infrastructure”. As such, it is not surprising to know that how invested and dedicated to exploring the benefits of blockchain technology they are.

JBI established the partnership in recognition of the crucial role that Quant Network and their cutting-edge blockchain operating system Overledger will play in unlocking the true potential of blockchain technology. They recognize that without Overledger — the major limitations of current blockchain technology include the lack of interoperability and single-ledger dependence will hold them back from achieving their ultimate goals.

Overledger also seamlessly connects existing networks and the Internet to the blockchain, allowing Government and Enterprises to harness the power of blockchain to address real-world challenges. In China, some of those real world challenges that will be explored include anti-money laundering as well as broader applications in the healthcare and supply chain sectors.

Quant Network and the JBI have signed a MoU for a five-year cooperation.

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