Quant Network Joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

Sep 25, 2018 · 2 min read


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London (25 September, 2018)– Quant Network — an innovative, global blockchain start-up — today announced its inclusion in the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC).

The GLBC is composed of more than 100 large companies, law firms, software companies and universities focused on developing standards and compliance guidelines for blockchain and smart contract technologies in the business of law.

The Quant Network team have established themselves as a leading authority on the development of standards and regulation for blockchain. Quant Network CEO and Founder, Gilbert Verdian also founded the Global ISO Standard TC307 in 2015. The ISO Standard TC307 has brought together 47 countries to promote the harmonisation of blockchain technology and its adoption.

“We have spent over twenty years protecting people, governments and regulated industries from the risk of cyber security threats, operational failures and malicious actors,” explained Gilbert Verdian.

“Since then we have been at the forefront of the advancement of blockchain technology and are excited to be able to bring those invaluable insights to the GLBC and help shape this rapidly changing landscape.”

“We are excited to see that Quant Network is participating in the GLBC,” said Pierson Grider, Global Organiser, GLBC. “Their involvement with the Global ISO Standard TC307 will benefit the GLBC community in helping set standards in blockchain for the legal industry.”

The GLBC is a global network of legal industry stakeholders that aims to enhance security, governance and viability of blockchain and smart contract technologies to complement the way the legal industry interacts with them for the benefit of clients, in-house attorneys, legal service providers and the legal industry at large.

About Quant

Quant Network builds products that help organisations and people put trust back in everything they do. Founded in 2015 and located in London and Zug, Quant’s team of experts from across the globe are building new innovations and technology solutions to solve problems no one else is tackling. Its pioneering blockchain operating system — Overledger, is laying the foundations for the next internet: The Internet of Trust.

For more information visit www.quant.network .

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