Quant Network July 2018 Newsletter

Dear Quant Community,

Hope this newsletter finds you all well. The Quant team have had a busy couple of months but we are excited to share a few key updates. In June, you may have seen that our CEO, Gilbert, Head of Quant Health, Lara and Head of Corporate Affairs, Loucineh returned from a productive trip to Washington D.C.

The objective of this trip was to build relationships with stakeholder groups in North America including the media, government and enterprises. We have since scheduled a series of meetings with prospective partners across various sectors. These include automotive, pharmaceuticals and energy as well key agencies within in the public sector. To say that it was a successful trip would be an understatement and it’s reiterated solutions that Overledger offers are truly endless.

Gilbert also had the honour of speaking at the National Press Club. While there, he spoke about how Overledger is truly harnessing the power of blockchain technology for the greater good. The speech discussed how we can help address the opioid epidemic, which is a growing concern in the US. You can read the full speech here and catch the highlights on our YouTube channel.


Despite there being so much focus on stricter regulations and general distrust of cryptocurrencies — especially in light of the recent Mueller investigation in the US — we were able to generate some media coverage around the potential of blockchain technology both in this article that ran on US News and in the opinion piece that Gilbert penned that was published here on Fox. Last week, Gilbert was also quoted in Politico in relation to the security concerns around virtual currencies and the nature of blockchain. Given his extensive background in cybersecurity, it’s no surprise Gilbert is fast becoming the sought after expert for commentary on any issues related to blockchain in the media.


Last month, we began an internal initiative we named Demo Fridays where the tech team shares their latest progress. Most recently, we included a super sneak-peak of the Developer Portal that the team are busy polishing up.

The Quant Network Developer Portal has been designed by developers for developers.

The Developer Portal has two functions. Primarily, this where developers will be able to access all Software Developer Kits. But there will also be a forum function where developers can ask questions and have discussions. We envisage that this will be a great resource for developers to better understand and use the technology. It will also help them build their own exciting and game-changing multi-chain applications (mApps).We will share a demonstration of the portal and more information in the coming weeks and each month we will provide a summary of the updates on Medium.

Vijay from our Tech Team running one of our weekly Demo Friday sessions


We have recently engaged a great creative agency, ZZ&D London, to help us to refresh and align our branding of both Quant Network and our offerings. The process has been quite a great experience for the entire team. We have been able to formalise our vision, and articulate how we want to shape the future. The team at ZZ&D presented three concepts and we settled on the second one and we are all now furiously building our new suite of materials, refreshing the website etc. We look forward to unveiling this all in the coming weeks too.


As many of you may know, Trust Tag is a key component of Overledger. It’s essentially the tokenisation of data that can follow across multiple chains. It’s quite an ingenious technology that is one of the many things that set Overledger apart from other interoperability projects.

GoVerify is a new anti-phishing and fraud technology designed to restore consumer trust. It provides a new way to verify the phone calls, emails, texts and letters you receive are from the organisations they say they are from.As a way of background, the annual cost of fraud in the UK could be as high as £193 billion per year, according to a report from Experian, which equates to £6000 lost every second every day. More than five and a half million cyber offences are now thought to take place each year, accounting for almost half of all crime in the country.

This week Lloyd’s Bank invited GoVerify, using the Trust Tag technology, to present how it can help their customers. Again, we look forward to sharing more details on this partnership moving forward.

Quant Network’s COO/CFO Gerald getting ready to present to Lloyds Bank in London.


In light on the recent concerns with cryptocurrencies and a push for stricter regulations — the importance of effective AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) practices are more important than ever. To that end, Quant Network is excited to share that we are extending our suite of offerings to include access to the Quant Sentry platform which enables end-to-end KYC, AML and escrow for the digital economy and ensures that start-ups are able to efficiently ensure their due diligence and the security of their token/coin sales.

The Sentry site is currently still under construction. However, we have already deployed the platform to our first ICO client in the property sector and are also in discussions with some exchanges that may benefit from the platform.

If you’d like to know more, please reach out to the team via info@quant.network.


It is more important than ever that we provide the right information in the right format to the right audience. We want to remain engaged with community that has supported us from the beginning and provide pertinent updates. But we must also remain focused on the task at hand: building a superior product in Overledger. We must also establish a customer base, and in doing so drive usage of our platform powered by QNT tokens.As such, we are excited to announce a few new initiatives.

Quant Network Newsletter

This marks the first monthly newsletter that we will be sharing via email and published on Medium.

Quarterly Quant Network AMAs

Similar to quarterly investor calls , AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”. This will be a live format where our CEO will open and each relevant team or function lead summarises our latest progress. We will then answer questions although we encourage the questions to be provided ahead of time. A written summary will be issued, as well as a recap of the video of the AMA on our YouTube channel.

Quant Network Tech Talks

Despite the title, we will not focusTech Talks on the actual technology nor gear them to a technical audience. Instead these discussions will explore the real-world challenges, applications and solutions that Overledger presents across various sectors.

The first subject will be on how Overledger can help address broken health systems around the world and specifically looking into the growing opioid epidemic in the US. They will be facilitated panel discussions and over time we expect to include our partners and other guest speakers. Initially we will share these online but we also want to incorporate a live element for the community to attend. Our inaugural Quant Network Tech Talk will take place early October with more details to come.

We are also planning to continue our media relations activities. This will involve hosting live events, building on all of these initiatives and delivering an Annual Report. If you’d like to submit suggestions, topics or partner with us on future Tech Talks please email the team at social@quant.network.


We have been steadily growing our team as per our Road Map and are incredibly proud of the calibre of talent we have been able to attract. We have developed a series of profiles of our stellar team members starting with our Chief Architect, Jean-Paul de Jong who has been on the journey with us from the beginning. Be sure to subscribe to our Medium for regular updates.


As our team is steadily building, we are also settling into our London HQ offices located in Kings Cross. In our outreach with mainstream media we often conduct desk-side briefings at the various bureau offices. We recognise that given the nature of crypto media — that same approach is not applicable. In parallel, we’ll be inviting select crypto centric media and influencers to tour our office and meet the team. If you work in cryptomedia or are considered an influencer in this space, happen to be in town and would like to take up the opportunity for a desk-side briefing at our premises — we would like to speak to you. Please get it touch with our team via social@quant.network.


The tokens from Token Generation Event (TGE) have now been released. We recognise the Token Supply information is not accurately reflected on Etherscan. It’s currently showing the theoretical total supply from the smart contract versus the actual amount of tokens created. We are working on getting that updated and finalising the token burn as a matter of priority. We will keep you informed as we progress.

As always, thanks for being a part of the Quant Community!