Announcing our Payment Channels & Escrow Deposit Smart Contract Interaction Challenges

11 August 2020 – 25 August 2020

Today sees the release of the first batch of testnet Payment Channels and Escrow Deposit contracts relating to the Overledger Network.

For background information on these topics, see:

· Overledger Network: https://www.quant.network/overledger-network-for-community-whitepaper/

· Overledger Network Treasury: https://medium.com/@quant_network/overledger-network-treasury-d5c9dcebe894

As Quant Network has such an enthusiast and engaging community, we have decided to also release some challenges for the first batch of users.

Note that for the challenges below, you will certainly require testnet ETH from a Ropsten faucet (there are a few available online). …

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The Overledger Network

With the launch of the Overledger Network for both Enterprise and Community, we’ve started to lay the foundations of the Network of Networks to become a flourishing ecosystem.

In the preliminary phase of stress testing, we will get a good understanding of the network size and workloads and their interaction and communication with the Treasury. We’re planning to end the stress test shortly and provide all participants direct access to Mainnet DLTs and blockchains by requesting an upgrade to your account in the developer portal.

In this current phase:

- Developers and Gateway Operators can interact with the Treasury

- Establish and use payment…



Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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