The Internet of Trust powered by Overledger


We’ve been hard at work on the idea for Overledger for a long time now.

Our story begins with young, promising technologist Gilbert Verdian in 1998. Gilbert had the idea to create a separate segment of the Internet that was inherently trusted and secure. He wanted to have a secure network that had the appropriate levels of controls which allowed for levels of trust between parties and entities.

At the time, the technology was not available to achieve this vision.

Fast forward to 2018

Gilbert Verdian has since joined forces with leading experts — technology innovator Colin Paterson and digital economist Paolo Tasca to form an unparalleled team who share Gilbert’s original vision and are dedicated to developing the blockchain operating system of the future.

Our vision:

1. Create Overledger to enable interoperability of blockchains and existing networks
2. Create an ecosystem of community and enterprise driven multi-chain applications and users
3. Connect the Internet to Blockchain through Overledger.

We’re excited on what the future holds and what we can create together.

The end state for the Internet of Trust is the ability to facilitate human-to-human and machine-to-machine trust to transact with each other securely and safely.

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