The invention of smartphones in the last decade has made wireless connectivity ubiquitous, thus promoting mobile payment to a new height. Sweden is among the great examples of how mobile devices and mobile payments have become integral to people’s daily lives.

Chart: Number of smartphone users in Sweden from 2015 to 2021 (unit: in millions). Source: Statista 2016

Smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous in this Nordic country…

The increasing penetration of Internet and smartphones facilitates perfect platform for mobile commerce and mobile payments to take off in this innovative Nordic country.

Chart: Smartphone, tablet device and feature phone units in Finland 2010–2016 (in thousands)

Approximately, more than 73% Finland population own at least one smartphone and such rate is forecast to grow further in the future. Users between 18–24 years…

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Croatia has long been famous for spectacular scenery. Spanning over a thousand islands, Croatia also enjoys robust tourism as well as colorful gambling industry.

Chart: Real GDP growth in Croatia. Source: Eurostat, International Monetary Fund.

Prior to the 2008 global crisis, Croatia achieved significant achievements both on economic and social fronts. However prior to 2015 recovery…


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