Introducing QUANTA Dex

Community-Driven Decentralized Crypto Exchange

We’re happy to introduce QUANTA Dex, the fastest and most secure decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency.


The quantum world is an integral component of matter, without it the universe as we know it would collapse… There is structure all around us. An unimaginable number of particles move at the speed of light and all kinds of energy interact every instant.

QUANTA (, the plural of quantum, wants to become the next generation of hybrid decentralized exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Security and speed are built into the core allowing up to 4.5 million transactions per second. All transactions are saved on the blockchain so no credentials are stored in our servers, thus maximizing your asset protection. To learn more, read our whitepaper.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have worked at Google, eBay, Paypal and and have experience building worldwide class scalable products for more 20+ years. We’ve been working closely with traders with one goal in mind: to make the best exchange ever created.

The first 100,000 users to register for QUANTA will receive $250 to use for trading fees and 50% off tools in the Quanta Store. Additionally, you will earn an additional $50 for every friend you refer to QUANTA.


We have created a set of tools like alerts (price, volume, all time high, all time low, Pump&Dump) to a completely tailored UI to simplify trading, that will be available to everyone here in the QUANTA Store. These tools will simplify trading and maximize profits for both beginners and experts. We believe that information should find you and not the opposite. Rather than constantly monitoring and seeking information, it will be sent to you.


  1. Alpha testing
    Initial phase of testing to identify and fix bugs/issues.
  2. Pre-registration (Invite Only)
    During the pre-registration phase, private links will be sent out to sign up for QUANTA. Those who pre-register will be awarded $250 to use for trading fees and will also receive 50% off in the Quanta Store.
  3. Open registration
    Registration is open to the public. Users will be able to register for QUANTA through the homepage and will
  4. Beta testing
    Second phase of testing with pre-registered users.
  5. Private ICO
    Closed sale of QUANTA coin for pre-registered users.
  6. Public ICO
    Public sale of QUANTA coin.
  7. Public Exchange
    Trading is available for everyone.


QUANTA offers the only trading protocol with on-chain token custody, fully decentralized security, and an auditable, anti-front-running ledger.

To learn more visit and check out our white paper.

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