Announcement: Token sale on the QUANTA Wallet

QUANTA Chain, is the public blockchain for fast, open, and scalable digital assets exchange. It is built on key innovative foundations, including cross-chain order architecture and fast order-book based on memory ledger, enabling any company to easily build decentralized trading platforms.

We are excited to announce that our crowdsale will be based on the QUANTA Wallet. With the QUANTA Wallet, you will receive the QUANTA Native tokens directly on the QUANTA Chain, and use it to access the future DEX functionality. For us, it made complete sense to start the journey on our blockchain from the point of the token sale.

When compared with the ERC-20, we quickly address a number of issues:

  • Native conversion: If we were to launch on ERC-20, many of our users will either forget or have more issues converting these tokens directly into the QUANTA Chain.
  • There’s a risk of losing tokens. There’s no way to detect whether an address belong to an exchange, which do not support new token.
  • Uncertainty: There has been a lot of uncertainties regarding the future of every blockchain and this affects the value sentiment of our token if we are directly tied to any specific blockchain.
The best way to predict the future is to create it. — Peter Drucker

QUANTA Wallet Generation

We just launched the token sale directly on the QUANTA DEX with the ability to generate these keys. The key generation is done completely based on the client side using Ed25519 public-key signature key system. The keys stored as a PDF MUST be downloaded for safe-keeping.

QUANTA Public keys will always start with Q and private keys will always start with Z.

Beta-net Launch Plan

We will launch the Quanta Chain Beta-net immediately after the token sale. You will be able to use your public key to check for balances, and transfer within the blockchain. The order-book chain, the cross-chain, and the QUANTA DEX will launch subsequently. We will announce the dates as we approach closer.

Thank you for support!


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QUANTA ( offers the world’s best sub-second order-book, and cross-chain technology for decentralized exchanges (DEX).

To know more about us please go to or read our whitepaper.