The gross and subtle of archetypes

I never much liked learning about archetypes. I thought they were silly.

Having your own inner King or Queen. Or your own jester or … for some reason they were all medieval characters — although I must admit if they had talked about my “inner Mario or Zelda” I would have rolled my eyes even more #90skid.

I have encountered archetypes in different ways throughout my own journey. I was once enthralled by the voice dialogue & Big Mind processes. They told me I had a controller voice (“voice” being a therapy way of saying “archetype”), a broken voice and even a transcendent voice. Nice ways to dip my toe in.

But for me it was when I found Orgasmic Meditation (OM) that archetypes became much more subtle. Sometimes so subtle that I could no longer call them anything that made sense.

It was sometimes an Illuminati reptile man dancing with the grace of a Swan Lake ballerina, or it was a WW1 soldier sitting in a trench glowing with fiery eyes singing “tiiiiiiime is on my side…yes it is!”

Every sensation had its own unique subtlety and it almost seemed to call me into parts of myself that I didn’t know could coexist. Tenderness was sometimes fierce. Anger was sometimes hilarious.

Archetypes overlapped so much that it was almost as if each sensation was its own very unique personality.

Today, despite not practising OM as much as I used to (3 times a day down to 5–7 times a month), these archetypes are still very much alive for me.

In my daily writing practice, I will sometimes want to slip into the voice that is most alive for me.

I don’t ever really know what voice wants to come out. I use a written voice dialogue type process. My body is like a mirror for whatever this archetype is on a particular day. The more I feel of my body, the clearer it is, and the more that archetype can take his place.

The voice tells me what it wants, each word seems to make the actual sensation clearer. A single sentence, a single word or an out of place comma can be the difference between getting closer to or further from him.

Sometimes it’s a her.

Every day, some form of archetype wants to run my day, wants to express itself in some unique way. Finding the clearest signal of that archetype, that voice, that fucking self, has me start each day feeling like I grew into my own skin.

Everything feels like it fits.

What’s your loudest archetype today?