Why do we need the Democratization of Machine Learning?
Mate Labs

Awesome stuff! At Quantiacs we are very much aligned with this mission.

We are democratizing the hedge fund industry by bringing down the barriers of the elite Wall Street model of quantitative hedge funds.

We provide free data, free open-source frameworks, and access to institutional capital — we host the world’s only marketplace for quantitative trading algorithms.

We have tens of thousands of data scientists on our platform who compete for investment allocations, and then the top algorithms keep 10% of the profits they generate. We allocate $2.25M per quarter in our competitions.

Most of our top freelance quants make use of machine learning and neural nets in Python.

Here’s a Medium post that helps explain it: https://medium.com/@quantiacs/empowering-quants-and-investors-and-democratizing-the-hedge-fund-industry-7ff6deacc082