As has become customary at Enjoy The Work, new partners tend to share a bit about how they ended up here and why they chose to make the shift to professional startup advising. As the latest addition to our growing partnership of eight, I’m thrilled to be writing this post and following that same tradition.

I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting and working with a handful of founders in the ETW community, and I can’t wait to work with many more. …

Everything can be measured. That’s my hypothesis. And not only can be, but should be in order to create the most effective business operations. This isn’t a new concept — the volume of content focused on the importance of data and analytics is staggering. But the actual execution of shifting a business to a data-driven, analytical approach to growth is still impressively lagging.

My belief is that individuals are better equipped and more capable of being data-driven than they realize. However, they typically need help with three things:

  1. Figuring out where to start with company analytics as a whole
  2. Integrating…

Everyone can and should be data driven. Otherwise, you’re wasting money. Check out my first blog post (feedback always welcome):…/analytics-enhances-intuit…/‪#‎QuantifiedArdor‬

Lesley Ross

Partner at Enjoy The Work. Founder at Quantified Ardor. Maximizing happiness as a volunteer and mentor for startup accelerators and incubators around the globe.

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