Let’s Make Advanced Self-Measurement More Accessible

Bob Evans at the 2015 Quantified Self Public Health Symposium

Why can’t everybody use advanced analytics to understand themselves? Bob Evans is the lead developer of PACO, an open source tool for supporting both individual discovery and large scale participatory research. Bob originally designed PACO as a personal project to get a better handle on how he felt at work by querying himself at random times during the day, a method known as “experience sampling.” PACO has grown and developed over time into a platform for experimentation used in over one thousand projects designed by researchers, companies, and individuals. Here, Bob shares some of his lessons about how and where the individual quest for self-discovery connects with large scale research. “The goal is to make it easier for researchers and individuals to experience their own lives, be scientists, and make their own experiments at will. The long tail of questions that people want to ask is very, very long.”


Bob Evans

Bob Evans develops tools to support analysis and exploration of daily experience. For the past three years as a software engineer at Google, Bob has been working on PACO(Personal Analytics COmpanion). PACO allows individuals and behavior scientists to easily create and conduct behavior studies and interventions on mobile phones. You can find him on Twitter at @pacoapp.

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