Quantocoin: The One-Stop Shop for All Cryptocurrency Solutions

By: Sanem Avcil


Realizing the potential that blockchain harnesses, Quantocoin has a vision of fusing the blockchain technology and the traditional currency to reach and revolutionize those sections of the world that are debarred of proper banking services. For a swift start, the team plans to go live with their own cryptocurrency QTC and then grow exponentially to provide all sorts of complex services similar to those of today’s banking systems. However, the security that Quantocoin aims to deliver to its users (Quantacoiners, Quanthusiasts and Quantonauts) will go unchallenged due to the implementation of the immutable distributed ledger to aid transactions.

QTC aims to bring to the world a digital asset that will have immediate liquidity and currency functionality such that it can be exchanged just like fiat currency in regions where proper banking services fail to set foot. On the Quantocoin platform, QTC would be easily exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies as well as for fiat. Provided that Quantocoin also plans to create payment cards as is available for fiat, QTC, its Fintech platform, its services, and the company as a whole would find it much easier to scale in the global market. Also, it comes embedded with bio-identification and know-your-client facility which would entrust the platform with additional security and transparency.

All these simple features when combined together to deliver a more trustworthy cryptocurrency, it would smoothen the struggle for Quantocoin [QTC] to hail its flag over fiat currencies.

It is not only the fiat currencies that Quantocoin is battling against but also the inefficiencies faced in the present crypto ecosystem. While trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies had an unprecedented growth in the recent past, the world is yet to see the revolution which would facilitate the ease of payment through cryptos to buy goods and services. In addition to this, one other problem that haunts crypto users is the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned earlier, Quantocoin would slowly transcend into becoming a bank and would thus provide the users with a QTC banking platform that would laser focus on negating the existing issues in the crypto industry.

QTC Mobile Banking and How it Would Revolutionize the World

Focused on instant and easy payment through cryptocurrencies, anywhere and anytime, QTC mobile banking platform is one of its kind. Before delving into the ground-breaking combination of three modern world technologies that aid the platform, let’s look at the benefits that the users would be able to reap.

The QTC mobile banking platform would facilitate the P2P and B2B exchange and transfer of cryptocurrencies while also providing the option for lending and microfinancing (using QTC lending algorithm). Users also can enjoy the benefit of social payments, i.e. payments through secured and encrypted private chats. Geofencing, proximity functions, crypto assets portfolio management, and community building also come packed with QTC’s mobile banking platform.

One major revolution that QTC aims to bring along with its application is the payment of cryptos for buying goods and services all across the globe. It is very well understood by the team that backs QTC that it will be a time-taking process but they have high trust in the technologies that supports their platform.

To develop a hybrid application for QTC bank, they’ve integrated three efficient technologies that would help render the expected results; NFC, QR Codes, and Beacon. These three technologies are a set of systems that further ease the payments through cryptocurrencies at payment terminals. While we are very familiar with payments done through QR codes, NFC and Beacons are what take things to another level.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that helps your devices to communicate with payment devices in order to make transactions while Beacon is a device that emits Bluetooth signals that can be read by smartphones in the vicinity. These devices, when attached at purchase points, enable users to make payment without the need of a cashier or access to the internet.


There’s no doubt that the founders of Quantocoin, Alexander Brexendorff and Anakin X, have brought together the best and most experienced team members to lead the company that envisages revolutionizing the world. From people who were tycoons during the dotcom boom, to crypto enthusiasts who have been thriving hard to make crypto and blockchain mainstream, they have it all. Developers and marketers of the team have over a decade of proven experience in building great platforms and engaging large communities. Pablo V. Dana, General Manager at Heritage Wealth DWC in Dubai, is a partner to the Quantocoin and has an prodigious record of running and managing big-sized businesses. Also, it should be noticed that the team has soccer lovers who’ve lead Quantocoin to create history by buying an Italian football club in cryptocurrencies.

Can this get any cooler?

A Final Note

For the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are gaining acceptance all around the world — and some resistance, too — this is the perfect time for Quantocoin to make its mark. Until now, less attention has been given to providing services such that micro-transactions could be made in cryptocurrencies — as we do in fiat currencies — and Quantocoin comes into the game to hit that exact soft spot and make the mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies a real thing.

With a strong vision, an experienced and cool team, a unique approach, and a great start to the project, there’s hardly anything else that can be asked of Quantocoin.