Stop Spotify Links from Opening in Web Player (Chrome)

  1. Install User Agent Switcher (I used this one from Google).

2. Close all Spotify web player tabs and clear all Spotify cookies and site data.

3. Right-click on the icon in the upper right of Chrome and select Options.

4. Select Permanent Spoof list from the menu. Type “” into Domain, and Select “Internet Explorer 10” from the drop down in User-Agent String.

5. Navigate to a Spotify page again, and click the gear in the bottom left that should now be visible.

6. Select the check mark to the right of Play URLs in desktop app.

7. Navigate to again, click the View in Spotify button and ensure it opens the Playlist page in the desktop app

Now it functions as expected and opens the things in the desktop app. Links you click on will still autoplay most of the time, but it’s better than wrestling with the Web Player!

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