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I don’t know what anyone else has learned about Hollywood over the last decade…

…but what I have learned is they value successful formulas and franchises WAY more than they value original stories and great script writing.

They’d rather hit you over the head with an all-star cast or gaudy effects than grab you with something subtle and clever.

They think we think movies aren’t good unless the theater audio is ear-splitting loud and the effects eye-popping and over-the-top.

When they have to scrape the comic book barrel to keep cranking out movies and they start remaking remakes of super hero stories that never needed to be remade, we’re all in trouble.

I’ll be glad when the summer blockbuster season is over. Then there is at least a chance, however slim, that Hollywood might hit the benchmark of one memorable movie a month. Maybe.

I’d love to say that Arrival is going to be really good but already the signs of tried-and-true-and-boring formulas are all over the trailer.

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