Money, Greed and The Meaning of Life
Chris Herd

I wish I had more time this morning to read through fully but you are spot-on that far too many people on Wall Street and in other industries have been rewarded to the tune of 9 and 10 figure banks accounts… for gaming the system. And often at the expense of employees further down the ladder. To these individuals, life is a zero sum game. “Get what I can, any way I can, because no one else will get it for me,” is their credo. Which is fine I guess right up to the “any way I can” part takes effect. As soon as you start gaming things and hurting others to get ahead, you’re a piece of crap. End of discussion.

In effect these people are rewarded by our politicians, as they’re the only ones with the power to regulate / balance things as an outside force, if people in positions of power can’t control their own greed.

More later but the only mega-wealthy person I’d exempt from scorn is Bill Gates. He’s still in the prime of his life and has been actively working in Africa and elsewhere to make people’s lives better and using his own money to do it. The old farts who just throw money at stuff, well I guess it’s better than giving it to a bunch of trust fund babies but that’s about all I can say for them. They don’t get a pass, except on that last part.

Jury is out on Zuckerberg and his wife but they’re on the right track.

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