The Love Story of Political Parties and Their Inseparable Ideals
Lexie Ernst

Lexie you give me hope that your generation might not be as clueless as they sometimes seem to be (some of the kids where I work scare me with how little they know about what goes on around them). Then again you’re attending the University of Michigan, so clearly we can’t call you a typical representative of your age group. Believe me when I tell you: your generation needs you to open their eyes. Badly.

You are exactly right that the false dichotomies created by our two party system (more of a farce, really) creates a destructive attitude among and between citizens, and it severely limits how well We The People are actually represented.

I would make the claim that if you take people out of the typical media-driven debate and talking points, and reason with them one on one, you will find far more people are *not* Fox-loving right-wing nut-jobs, and not far-left hipster-nut-jobs… they’re much closer to the middle, with maybe one or two beliefs farther afield.

What our political system lacks almost completely now, given the media perpetuating all this red state blue state horse shit (which makes them a lot of money by the way), is representation of people who are centrist at heart. Which is almost certainly more than 50% of the population if you cut through the BS. We’re out in the cold.

People want to know why the do-nothing Congress does nothing year after year? NO CENTRIST LEADERSHIP.

Everyone goes along with the polarizing rhetoric and games and media talking points, and no one pulls towards the middle. Where are most of the solutions to our problems going to be found? In the middle. Where are the people most likely to compromise be found? In the middle. America needs two more parties, and we’ll actually get some damn representation: a right-leaning centrist party and a left-leaning centrist party, wherein politicians cannot be shamed by having a belief that’s in line with the other half of the spectrum. Everyone else can go to their beloved fringe and stick their head in the sand. On this point, the U.K. has us beaten cold. We should follow their lead.

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