If you really believe that #AllLivesMatter, why don’t you start acting like it?
Jon Lipp

This is what happens when well over half of the population informs themselves with BS television news, and spends their spare minutes during the day reading Facebook posts and hashtag feeds. Group-think, group-outrage, group-talk…. group inaction. Always.

Soundbite thinking = soundbite solutions. Also known as “not solutions.”

If self-proclaimed Christians were actually Christians and all lives actually mattered (to just that group and no others), you wouldn’t see any soup kitchens because all those millions of “Sunday Christians” would be looking after the downtrodden in their area. Feeding them, helping them back on their feet. But they don’t. Instead they “isn’t that a shame… so sad. Hey what time is the game on?”

We also wouldn’t see massive heroine addiction problems because many of those shitty parents who let their televisions raise their kids while they were out climbing ladders, would’ve put their kids first, instilled character in them as youngsters, taught them how to deal with stress and failure, and all the rest.

If only, friend… if only. But most Christians aren’t actually Christian and most lives don’t actually matter to most people. Only when it directly impacts their life or business or home town. In effect, only when loss of life scares them, do they care.

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