Rachel Nabors

Welcome to the world of first responder hero worship…

… read any good cop stories lately, America? It’s all a symptom of “please keep us safe” from the “other.” People think they can have guaranteed safety and freedom at the same time. WE CAN’T. A truly free society means freedom from surveillance and undue detention, and other bad stuff you have experienced. So we need to decide if we want to live truly free with a little extra risk of bad guys doing us harm, or if we want to live in a police state.

Privacy rights are all but dead since 9/11 and now in many places suspicion=guilt if you’re a traveler. The whole process is backwards.

While we in the US and UK have it better (still) than quite a few other places, like Turkey, we now live in countries that are closer to police states than we’d like to admit. Whereas a person in uniform used to evoke a reaction of trust from many people, it now evokes fear or intimidation.

We’re not all the way there yet, but don’t worry — we’re only one Donald Trump away from making it there. The guy who wants the border fences, more cops, and “law and order?” Yeah. He’s the guy who will put us over the edge, and those who would actually do us harm, know it, and will exploit it if he is elected. They want a war with the west and he’ll give it to them by rolling back everything that is open and good about this country.

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