Victor Chow has recently joined the Hubezoo as a strategic advisor, specifically to assist with development of the operations and to provide support for an introduction to the Asian market as well as business and strategic advisory services for the ICO.

Chow has over 28 years of experience in the field of IT, financial services and the education industries. He is a seasoned IT serial entrepreneur and is a leader in senior corporate management.

His experience includes working with Silicon Valley USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Australia and the Philippines for management of operations, marketing, strategic account management…

In this video, Babaji Maharaj, founder of Hubezoo, explains the bank hub and the overarching features that are a part of it’s vision.

The smart and fearless investor is aware of the technology trends which are taking place around the globe. These, of course, involve cryptocurrency, blockchain and even quantum computing.

Hubezoo is a new internetwork platform of the future which utilizes a Unagold token key which sets up a platform for all global finance. For social media, commerce and info. It’s an all in one Amazon, Facebook and Google for global finance. We call it the Bankezoo, now called the Bank Hub.

Originally published at on June 6, 2018.

Hubezoo was recently featured on ICO Crowd, specifically for offering a blockchain technology that is designed to “disrupt the disruption.” Here’s the full story:

Hubezoo, an internetwork protocol which utilizes a quantum blockchain, is expected to be one of the largest ICO’s of 2018. Their ICO launch begins on April 30th, 2018. UnaGold is the digital gold standard token that powers Hubezoo network.

The objective of the Hubezoo innovative platform is to introduce quantum applications for social media, commerce, and more effective online information interfaces.

The premises of this futuristic technology are a framework which streamlines social media, commerce, and…


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