“Comey Cost Hillary The Election” — Another Groundless Liberal Myth
Michael Tracey

This kind of cavalier disregard for facts and common sense is part of why Clinton lost. Of course, if you don’t want your candidate investigated by the FBI, don’t nominate someone already under investigation before the campaign even started. It’s obvious. Even people who might be sympathetic to her policies find this fantasy distasteful. You have to be really brainwashed to buy it. A big part of Trump’s appeal is simply seeing someone bash the media. That is, people hate the media more than they like Trump.

Fortunately for him, it seems this lesson is not sinking in. They really believe their own nonsense. Did you see the guy from CNN continually interrupting Trump in his press conference? What a jackass. These people are so dense. They really do not see how ridiculous they are and that most people hate them. So whenever Trump’s approval ratings go down, he just needs to insult some reporters and all will be well again.

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