Vote for Quantumpay in Mercatox!

Quantumpay supporters, as per the last update we told you that we will not stop with our listing on fork delta, ether delta, ecex, enclaves and all the other exchanges that we have applied for, that are now on going with their respective procedures. We now bring you Mercatox voting competition!

The voting competition for Mercatox listing is on! Quantumpay always appreciate your unwavering support and to further show our gratitude we decided to reward your efforts.

Each valid vote will be rewarded with 150,000 QPAY! For your vote to be valid you must have a verified account with Mercatox. Get your account verified by filling in your information here. Click this link to vote for QPAY on Mercatox. After voting make sure to get a screen shot of your vote and fill in this form.

Together with your votes and support our Quantumpay communities we can make this happen!

Get QPAY listed and reap the fruits of your labor!

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