Building an Android Settings Screen (Part 2)
Jakob Ulbrich

I have some questions.

  1. How did you know what the layout source file for EditTextPreference is? I don’t see direct references to the layout files in the source code but probably I’m not looking at the right places.
  2. Follow-up of 1. If I wanted to use a slightly customized version of the dialog layout used by ListPreference — i.e. copy the original layout file and set it with setDialogLayoutResource — how do I find the original? I was digging in ListPreference and others and couldn’t find what layout file they use.
  3. How do I figure out what exactly has to be set in the theme to change the background of the preferences dialog to black? I got it working without the support package, but since I switched to it (I’m using a fragment that extends PreferenceFragmentCompat) it stopped working and shows always white instead.

I just want to fully understand how this all works to know better next time and it seems you have a pretty good understanding. Thanks in advance!

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