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QuarkMe is an organisation committed to changing the way our youth is being educated. We intend to partner with NGOs based on providing education to students from underprivileged backgrounds, we are working towards enlisting educators who are willing to work with NGOs few hours in a week. Being a part of internet generation, we understand the digitized world with the value of corporeal teaching, and intend to spread it with equity. As an online platform providing an easier access to knowledge with one on one or group tutoring, we want to undertake the responsibility of combining education with equal access. QuarkMe revolves around hiring tutors and training them through workshops hosted by renowned psychologists to combine understanding of child’s psyche with learning. We plan to host a number of sessions in various subjects weekly with NGOs dedicated to children.

We are looking for tutors, who would be interested in dedicating an hour to educate the underprivileged. We are looking for volunteers who understand the significance of education in shaping one’s life. Volunteers who would like to share their experience and skills and become an envision of a role model to the youth. Education shouldn’t be for the privileged and we are focused towards changing that. Even an hour a week would make significant change in provision of education in a child’s life. We work towards establishing new modules to change the way education’s taught with our mission to combine education with respect to individuality.

We are open to creating unique missions with education based NGOs to benefit the youth, and are looking forward to partnering with NGOs and create sessions around learning while bringing out the individuality of the respective child. We are dedicated to providing education as a stimulant that works as a dual force to build respect for oneself and that enables the youth.

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