Run wild after things that spark your gut

By Manvi Mehra

Knowledge, they say, is power. It is that one thing in this entire universe which gives you courage to stand up for what you believe in. Having said that, when was the last time you picked up a factual book entirely because you wanted to read it and not just because it was prescribed by your teacher?

To put it very bluntly, in this day and age, we’ve all become a by product of our surroundings. More often than not, we do things because we have to, not because we want to. Running after goals, success, reputation… we forget our purpose here, in this materialism. 
We spend roughly about 25 years of our life just grilling ourselves so that we can spend the next 25 earning a reputed amount of income. What happens to the desire to enrich our souls? The desire to embrace the opportunities that life presents us with and not just drag ourselves through our mundane perceptions of living?

It is not our fault alone. The education system teaches us that we’re all faced with a ‘live-or-die’ situation each time an exam is approaching us. Not to say that working towards your goal with utmost determination is not good, but just that chances are that you’ll survive even if you don’t ace that math exam of yours or don’t score 99% in your 12th board exams; and believe me, you’ll survive rather grand if you don’t. Knowledge is not equal to marks. Knowledge is what you will have imbibed when you find yourself engrossed in things entirely because you are enthralled by their beauty and intrigued by their being.

A sheet of paper constituting of your rugged understanding of what you think you know is not enough to judge your entire existence. See beyond that. Embrace the journey. Learn because you want to satisfy the hunger that you possess within, not for what your relatives will say if you don’t score well or don’t get a job. Experiment. Fail. Rise. Run wild after things that spark your gut. Allow things to fascinate you. Arouse your curiosity, challenge your instincts, and discover how your soul expands in the process.