Free verse, look

Yes, just look

Just look around

Look around you

round you


are here and I am here

You are here like me

I am here like me

will look at you

And I will peer at me

you shall peer at you

Stare at you

I am your peer

My peer is you

And I am here

Without you looking

Or not. I am not a tree

And I do not need to fall so you will hear me

But ‘haps I WILL

and that’s the only way you will help me.

If I fall

I make a sound

And if I stand

What do I do?

If I fall

I do not know if I’ll get up.

If I fall

I do not know what I could do

For I was hurt before the fall ever began

Not scraped knees.

I was hurt before the fall ever began

For mostly all the trees and all my lives

For mostly all my thoughts and all the jokes

I was hurt before the fall ever began

And when the fall begins what shall I do?

When the fall begins perhaps you’ll we’ll I’ll hear

perhaps the trees will know and hide.

What if our trees never make a sound?

It will keep on hurting till they do,

‘haps half looks, half listening, half caring all means regret

But I couldn’t know or say.

shall look around me and see nothing

Nothing because mostly all our atoms are empty space

empty space

exxxx sxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx

But keep going please

Keep going please keep going

pxxxxx kxxx gxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx.