Quarteria ICO: How to Contribute


In order to get whitelisted for the KYC requirements, create an account by joining the token sale. Once signed up and confirmed through e-mail, make sure to click the “Sign in” button, as it goes to “Sign up” by default:

Once you are logged in, you will be prompted for personal information and to send an identification document. This can be either a passport, driver’s license or ID card.

2: Contributing

Open up your NEON wallet and press the “Participate in a token sale” button:

Click on “+ Add a new token to purchase”:

You will now be on the “Manage Tokens” screen, and are asked to add a “script hash”.

Your script hash will be the one provided to you on your Quarteria Dashboard, right here:

Copy and paste this script hash to the NEON wallet in the asking field, and it’s added.

Enter the currency and amount you wish to contribute and agree on all terms and conditions.

Finally, add your current NEON address to the Quarteria Dashboard. By clicking the “Receive” button (1), you will see your NEO address (2).

Copy and paste this address to your Quarteria Dashboard here:

And you’re done! Thank you for contributing.