Quarteria partners up with ShareRing


As complete supporters of the blockchain’s inherent collaborative spirit, we at Quarteria are very proud to announce a partnership with ShareRing.

ShareRing has the world’s scoop in being a system designed specifically for sharing things with others. No matter where you are, who you are or what you’re sharing, ShareRing will provide you with an easy and user oriented way to share without currency exchange fees or other fuss.

ShareRing is about to make a steady impact on a world that’s already used to sharing things such as car rides and roofs above people’s heads. But ShareRing intends to take this to the next level — from storage space to tools, clothes, jewelry, food or even your cooking skills. That’s what they provide. With ShareRing, they are delivering a system that’s so easy to use, all of us can get on board.

The impact this partnership will have for Quarteria is unique — renting a home or studio or whichever piece of real estate you so wish, may now be done through ShareRing’s database and through using their token.

In the meantime, our developers are working hard behind the scenes to deliver. Please have a look at our work-in-progress live demo, which already holds actual live listings!
Our developers are continuing to add to this demo and we will keep you updated.

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