Quarteria safe from Storage Injection exploit


As had been announced by NEO.org, a Storage Injection vulnerability had been discovered in several NEP-5 smart contract codes. Through exploiting this vulnerability, malicious attackers could make changes to the contract storage — for example burning a certain amount of token or changing the totalSupply status in the contract.

We at Quarteria are very pleased to announce that our source code is, in fact, safe as per detailed review with NEO GD.
The security audit company, Red4Sec, has recently discovered a storage injection vulnerability in the code of some NEP-5 smart contracts.

Quarteria’s source code has been audited by the Neo Global Development team and came to the conclusion that our platform is safe and not vulnerable. This means our total supply and users tokens cannot be modified by an attacker in any way through this exploit.

We pride ourselves on our top notch development team which takes its development responsibilities extremely seriously, and puts the safety and security of the project above all else.

However, beyond our security, Quarteria continues to work to improve the platform and is improving our demo daily. With partnerships locked in and new partnerships and hires in the works, we at Quarteria are looking forward to the continued success and progress within the Real Estate industry.

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